French Major

French is the first or second language of more than 40 countries and is spoken by nearly 125 million people around the world.

** The Major in French is currently transitioning to new curriculum and titles. Please contact Dr. Kathryn Lauten, Director of the Program in French.


What Studying French Did for Me?

“Studying French was the easiest decision I made during my undergraduate career. The professors in the French department at IUPUI are the kindest humans and genuinely care about the subject and their students. After finishing my Bachelors in French in 2019, I went on to pursue my Masters in French Linguistics at IU Bloomington; I graduated with my M.A. in 2021 and am now pursuing my PhD in French Linguistics. Alongside my graduate degrees, I teach French at IU Bloomington to undergraduates which is my dream career: becoming a professor so I can teach college students as well as carry out research on French linguistics”.

– Lee Killey, ’19 B.A. French


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Contact Dr. Kathryn Lauten, Director of the Program in French.