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Posted on April 1st, 2022 by Prabakaran Jayaraman
Vogt Lives in Transition

Faculty Spotlight: Global Studies faculty affiliate Dr. Wendy Vogt is spending her 2022 sabbatical researching the experience of African and Latin American migrants in Spain. Her ethnographic field work took her to Madrid, the southern region of Andalucia, and to Ceuta, the Spanish enclave in North Africa through which west African migrants can enter the European Union. Rather than develop the standard narrative of alienation and trauma, Dr. Vogt’s study highlights patterns of solidarity among migrants and the social connections they forge with Spanish citizens despite their contested asylum rights. Upon completing her initial investigation, Dr. Vogt presented her research findings at a migration studies symposium hosted by IU’s European Gateway in Berlin. The next phase of her project explores African migrations to Latin America. Dr. Vogt is the author of Lives in Transit: Violence and Intimacy on the Migrant Journey (2018), an ethnography of Central American migrants transiting through Mexico. An Associate Professor of Anthropology, Dr. Vogt teaches popular GIS electives like Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective and Global Migrations. She also developed and leads a campus and community research project called UndocuHoosiers: Racial Justice for Undocumented Students.