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Experiences abroad give you the opportunity to interact with people of different cultural backgrounds and enhance your employment opportunities. A variety of study and immersion abroad programs are available for Global and International Studies students. Study abroad programs range from week-long to year-long programs in foreign language or English-language experiences.

Our Programs

The following programs have been designed for you in partnership with the Study Abroad Office:

Croatia: Social Work Practice in Post-War Communities

Travel to Croatia for an international service-learning course for students interested in gaining experience in working in community development programs in communities affected by war. This international service-learning experience will provide students with an opportunity to learn and work with community development groups active in community reconstruction efforts, practice social work macro-practice, interact with community development actors and work with multidisciplinary teams.

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Dominican Republic: Spanish Language and Culture

After preliminary organizational meetings, the course begins with three weeks of evening classes at IUPUI. Students then travel to the Dominican Republic for 10 days of intensive field activities. A final exam is administered upon return.

The field course is based in Puerto Plata with visits to La Isabela, Samaná, and Santo Domingo.

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France: French Language Instruction in the Aix-en-Provence

Located on the Aix Campus of Aix-Marseille Universite, this program focuses on French language instruction in Aix-en-Provence, France, with the Service Universitaire de Français Langue Etrangère (SUFLE). Students will spend four weeks taking courses in French with SUFLE and enjoying field trips and cultural events.

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Germany: University of Heilbronn Summer Program

IUPUI in Berlin and Heilbronn is a two-week linguistic and cultural immersion course: intensive language instruction in Heilbronn combined with multiple excursions throughout Baden-Württemberg, and beginning with a four-day, faculty-led tour of Berlin. In Berlin, students will visit, experience, talk, and write about important German cultural and historical sites. Upon return to IUPUI (Fall 2021), students will share their experiences through presentations and discussions in lower-level German language classes.

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Japanese Language and Culture – Hakuoh University

Study a semester or academic year of Japanese language and culture studies at Hakuoh University, a small, private coed university with about 4,000 students located in the city of Oyama, about one hour north of Tokyo.

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Japanese Language and Culture – Tsuda University

Study a spring semester or academic year of Japanese language and culture studies at Tsuda University, a private liberal arts university for women with a history more than one hundred ten years. The main campus is conveniently located in the suburbs of Tokyo.

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For all other available programs that have been approved by the university check out opportunities with IUPUI’s Office of International Affairs and the IU Office of Overseas Study.

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