Why Choose Global and International Studies?

In a rapidly changing world, students launch their careers as their knowledge and understanding of global and international affairs expands through the multidisciplinary study of economics, business, politics, history, culture, society, and more.

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In the Global and International Studies program, you will take advantage of the international opportunities offered at IUPUI. You will learn another language, specialize in one of five world regions, enrich your academic experience through learning abroad, and study the cultural, historical, political, and economic forces at work in our 21st century world.

The most innovative feature of our major is that students tailor a combination of regional and thematic concentrations to meet their own academic interests and career goals. In short, this customized major permits you to meet any variety of interests and needs.

The Program in Global and International Studies offers:


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What Global and International Studies Did for this Alum?

Neoshia RoemerNeoshia R. Roemer is a leader, a mentor, a coach, an educator, a legal scholar, and she is helping to create a more humane and brilliant society. She is an excellent example of a Global and International Studies alum in action.

After earning her B.A. in Global and International Studies and History, Neoshia Roemer attended the University of New Mexico where she earned her M.A. in Latin American Studies and graduated law school, cum laude, with her J.D, concentrating in Indian Law.

Neoshia became a Fellow then Staff Attorney, at the Indigenous Law and Policy Center at Michigan State University’s Law School, where she mentored students, coached moot court teams, and advanced her legal scholarship. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Idaho College of Law where she teaches family law along with other courses in the Native American Law Program.

The Liberal Arts courses Neoshia took as an undergraduate helped her tremendously along the way. Neoshia gained invaluable tools as a Liberal Arts major through class work and other opportunities, including networking with professors. Neoshia’s undergraduate classes prepared her for both graduate and professional school, as well as for her career as a lawyer and legal scholar. She was encouraged to explore her own intellectual curiosity, even in times of discomfort—advice that she readily hands students today. Neoshia is a testament to the power of a liberal arts education and how studies and coursework pave a pathway to meaningful success.

— Neoshia Roemer, 2013 B.A. Global and International Studies and History

Two Degrees in Four Years

As an IUPUI undergraduate student majoring in any area, you are eligible to earn a BA in Global and International Studies. Develop a unique advantage and carve your own path without adding time to your studies by combining a Global and International Studies degree with your other interests in any School on campus through the Dual Degree Advantage Program.

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