Amigos en Servicio

LATS-L101 Introduction to Latino Studies students ready for toy delivery.

The student organization Amigos en Servicio provides service to the Latino community in Indianapolis to offer educational opportunities for members to learn more about Latino Culture and their issues, to fundraise for Amigos en Servicio, and other organizations serving the Latino community in Indianapolis.

Club activities included working with Riley Hospital for Children, where they offer access to comprehensive care and hope for a full recovery to children across Indiana.

Latino Studies students in service at Riley’s Hospital for Children.

Students and faculty in the Latino Studies course, LATS-L101 Introduction to Latino Studies, in conjunction with the IUPUI Themed Learning Communities (TLC) Program, wanted to collaborate with Riley Hospital’s efforts by developing a community engagement project which brought joy to sick children during the holiday season. Students assessed this service as an important component of their life and professional experience. They learned that by working on a community project, they became part of the community they were serving.

During the early part of the pandemic, the organization could not meet. Currently, students are working on starting the organization again. Watch here for more information.

Members of Amigos en Servicio are eligible to apply for the Luis Alberto Ambroggio Award by February 1 each year.

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