Why Choose Latino Studies?

Latino Studies is one of the most exciting, relevant fields of study in America in the twenty-first century, and IUPUI is the perfect place to explore it.

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As the Latino population in the United States grows, so does that population’s importance in American society. The study of Latin American and Caribbean communities in this country is a vital field of inquiry and IUPUI is at the forefront of this trend. Our nationally renowned faculty are continuously conducting cutting-edge research on Latino issues, with access to one of the best libraries in the world on Latin American and Latino studies. Furthermore, IUPUI is located in Indianapolis, with one of the fastest-growing Latino populations in the United States. This makes it an ideal place to conduct research and collaborate with local organizations to provide students with the opportunity for internships and civic engagement activities.

The Program in Latino Studies offers:

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What Latino Studies Did for Me?

Jesus Ruvalcaba Pacheco“As a Latino student, the Latino Studies program at IUPUI has provided me with an opportunity to further expand my perspectives and understanding of my own culture and has allowed me to form and challenge my identity as a member of the Latino community in the United States. Through the various courses that I have taken within the program, I have not only gained a deeper appreciation of my roots but have also become much more informed and aware of the many issues faced by my community. The comprehensive and thorough curriculum of the program—in accompaniment of its outstanding faculty—has inspired me to further pursue ways in which to better serve and be involved in the burgeoning Latino community both here in Indianapolis, and around the country.

Beyond the curriculum, however, the international focus of the program has allowed me to become more culturally adept and has further empowered me to develop an immense value for the cultural richness and diversity that coexists in the United States.

I can say with certainty that the numerous invaluable lessons and critical knowledge that I have acquired through my journey in the Latino Studies program will transcend beyond my academic career and will be translated into every aspect of my personal and professional spheres.”

— Jesús Ruvalcaba-Pacheco, ’22 B.A. in Spanish, minor in Latino Studies

Opportunity Abroad

The Program in Latino Studies encourages students to explore immersive options through study abroad. Latino Studies students may have the option to study in Costa Rica.

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