As a student in the MHHS Program, you are encouraged to engage in extracurricular, co-curricular, paid internships, and volunteer experiences to enhance your career preparation. You can apply the skills and knowledge you gain from college curricula through hands-on, community-based experience. Although not required for the degree, you may want to get involved in some of these activities.

Medical Humanities & Health Studies

  • MHHS-M 480 MH Hospice Patient Volunteer Experience (Experiential learning; 1 cr. hr.)
  • MHHS-M 498 Intensive Readings in Clinical Ethics (Experiential learning; 1 cr. hr.)
  • MHHS-M 498 Organizational Internship (Research organizational ethics issues; 1 cr. hr.)
  • Paid & unpaid research opportunities (occasionally available based on faculty research)

School of Liberal Arts

  • Many courses with service- and experiential-learning components
  • Internships through the Office of Career Development

IUPUI Campus

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Contact Judi Campbell, program advisor and faculty mentor