Why Study Medical Humanities?

Keeping humanism at the heart of medicine.

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Through the interdisciplinary approach that Medical Humanities and Health Studies (MHHS) offers, you gain an in-depth understanding of health, disease, and healing. You will explore the qualitative humanistic and socio-cultural context of health care in contrast to the clinical/objective approach traditionally taken in biomedicine. You will gain analytical skills, cultural awareness, and ethical sensitivity.

You have options for undergraduate and graduate studies

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Academic & Career Preparation

An academic foundation in MHHS can be valuable if you’re pursuing virtually any career path, including but not limited to social/economic research, medicine, allied health professions, dentistry, health law, medical social work, nursing, public health, and public policy studies. Our graduates have directly gone on to pursue degrees in pharmacy, medicine, occupational therapy, and other health professions, as well as law and graduate school programs.

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Contact Judi Izuka Campbell, faculty mentor, or email an academic advisor at laadvise@iupui.edu, call at 317-274-3976, or stop by the Advising Office in Cavanaugh Hall Room 401.