Faculty Scholarship

The IUPUI Museum Studies Program faculty is comprised of nationally and internationally recognized museum scholars and experts whose interdisciplinary work fosters innovation and meaningful change in museums and their communities. From community conservation and visual culture, to toxic heritage and therapeutic programs, our public scholarship demonstrates how civic engagement is key to the ever-expanding relevance and future of museums.

Holly Cusack-McVeigh

Dr. Cusack-McVeigh’s public scholarship focuses on issues of repatriation, cultural heritage, museology, and community collaboration.

Laura M. Holzman

Dr. Holzman’s public scholarship activates art, its history, and its institutions to strengthen communities and promote equity.

Elizabeth Kryder-Reid

Dr. Kryder-Reid’s public scholarship addresses heritage studies, public memory, social history, landscape history, religious heritage, settler colonialism, and environmental justice.

Lois H. Silverman

Dr. Silverman’s public scholarship explores museums and well-being, links between museums and social work, therapeutic approaches, and the spiritual potential of museums.