Minoring in Economics

Enhance your liberal arts degree with business expertise

A minor in economics is a great way to enhance your educational experience here at IUPUI, add value to your resume, and expand your employment opportunities. Additionally, as an IUPUI student, it is likely that you may be scheduled to complete a significant portion of the requirements in the natural course of your major studies.

Core Courses

The minor in economics requires 15 hours of economics with a minimum grade of C (2.0) in each course. The courses include E201 (Intro to Microeconomics) and E202 (Intro to Macroeconomics) plus nine (9) hours of E300/400 level courses, which may include E270 (Introduction to Statistical Theory in Business and Economics).

Courses that may be elected to complete the minor include:

  • E303 International Economics
  • E304 Labor Economics
  • E305 Money and Banking
  • E307 Economics of Sports
  • E307 Game Theory and Strategic Decision Making
  • E308 Public Finance
  • E321 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
  • E322 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory
  • E325 Comparative Economics
  • E337 Economic Development
  • E385 Economics of Industry
  • E387 Health Economics
  • E406 Senior Seminar
  • E414 Nonprofit Economy and Public Policy
  • E470 Econometrics

**Important note:  E321 will only be offered in Fall semesters, and E322 will only be offered in Spring semesters.

How to enroll

Students are encouraged to speak to an Undergraduate Advisor when considering an economics minor. To declare the minor, you will need to complete the School of Liberal Arts online declaration form.

More info

Contact the economics undergraduate director, Dr. Steven Russell.