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Graduate studies in economics is a perfect entry to fields such as healthcare administration, law, business, urban planning, consumer advocacy, and natural resource management.

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The Department of Economics provides graduate degree options at the master’s and Ph.D. level. Courses are taught in a nurturing and friendly environment that encourages student-faculty and student-student interaction inside the classroom and out. The US News and World Report ranked our economics graduate degree programs #88 in their 2022 Best Graduate Schools rankings.

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Our graduates have moved on to career opportunities with employers such as the Federal Home Loan Bank Board, Indianapolis Department of Commerce, Eli Lilly and Company, Indiana State Budget Agency, IU Medical Center, Pedcor Bancorp, Spiegel, Inc., Union Federal Savings Bank, the Veterans Administration Medical Center, and Walker Research.

Explore these degree options:

M.S. in Economics
Ph.D. in Health Economics

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Contact, Professor Wendy Morrison, Graduate Program Director.