Seminars and Workshops

The Department of Economics at the IU School of Liberal Arts has a long running and rich tradition of seminars and workshops to supplement, enrich, and add texture to the academic experiences of students and provide the public with engaging, interesting, and useful knowledge on the field of economics.

Due to the ongoing pandemic – the scheduling of these engagements is currently on hiatus, but the Department is looking forward to resuming the following series very soon.
Dr. Robert Sandy

Dr. Robert Sandy interacts with attendees at seminar.

Robert Sandy Economics Seminar

Dr. Robert Sandy, Professor Emeritus for Economics, created this engaging seminar in order to bring economists to IUPUI, from outside and inside of Indiana University. The seminar series presents a wide array of economic topics. Although the seminar’s principal audience are the faculty and students of the Department of Economics in the IU School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI – the seminar is open, and often attracts attendees from across the campus community as well as the general public of Indianapolis.

For more information, contact seminar organizer Vidhura S B W Tennekoon.

Health Economics Seminar

The Department of Economics at the IU School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI has a special focus on the intersection of economics and healthcare. With a Ph.D. program in Health Economics, proximity to the teaching hospitals of Indiana University, and a location in the heart of Indianapolis, the Department of Economics is uniquely positioned to offer this focused seminar series. Join the faculty and students of IUPUI as well as economic and health professionals from across central Indiana to investigate how the study of economics informs and influences the many facets of health, healthcare, and related policy in our communities and across the globe.

For more information, contact seminar organizer Joe Terza.

Economic Theory Workshop

Do you have an interest in the ideas and principles that govern the ways in which different economies organize themselves? Are you interested in enriching your craft as a burgeoning economist? If so, the Economic Theory Workshop will offer you an opportunity to hear from economics professionals on the state of their craft.

For more information, contact workshop organizer Subir Chakrabarti.