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Posted on January 12th, 2024 in Scholarships, Students by Sydney Bielefeld

The 2024 Bennett-Tinsley Award for Undergraduate History Research and Writing

bennett tinsley award

This award encourages undergraduate research in a broad range of subjects related to Indiana and the Midwest, and rewards excellence in history research and writing. Many aspects of the region’s past, especially related to the history of women, minorities (including race, ethnicity, and gender/sexuality), refugees, peace and social justice issues, and the environment have received limited attention in the historiography. The purpose of this competition is to recognize students who examine these topics and produce scholarship that advances our knowledge of these understudied areas of Indiana and midwestern history.
The Indiana Historical Bureau (IHB), a division of the Indiana State Library, coordinates the award in partnership with the Indiana Association of Historians (IAH). It is given in honor of Pamela J. Bennett, long-time director of IHB, and Katherine Tinsley, Manchester University professor, former president of IAH, and coordinator of the Peggy Seigel Writing Competition, which was the predecessor of this award. Completed papers and letters of recommendation must be emailed to Kelsey Green by Monday, February 12, 2024. You can learn more here.