History Minor

A Minor in History complements and enriches your academic journey and adds valuable knowledge and experience to any major or course of study.

Learning to interpret the past allows you to understand the circumstances and choices of today. Courses in history will provide you with foundations for professional training in fields such as law, business, environmental affairs, historic preservation, public administration, and government.

Core Courses

Of the required 15 credit hours for a minor in history, 6 credit hours should be completed from this list:

  • HIST-H 105: American History I
  • HIST-H 106: American History II
  • HIST-H 108: Perspectives on the World to 1800
  • HIST-H 109: Perspectives on the World since 1800
  • HIST-H 113: Western Civilization I
  • HIST-H 114: Western Civilization II

Electives (9 credits)

Of the total 15 credit hours, 9 credit hours should be taken at the 200-400 level. At least 6 of the 9 additional hours should be taken at the 300-400 level.

Students are encouraged to speak to an Undergraduate Advisor when considering a History minor. To declare the minor, you will need to complete the School of Liberal Arts online declaration form.

Jason M. Kelly
History Department of History Undergraduate Mentor

Samantha Walters
School of Liberal Arts’ Department of History Advisor
Office: CA 401