Why Study History?

History offers students the tools to understand the past so that they are prepared to be leaders for the future.

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Welcome to the Department of History in the IU School of Liberal Arts, where you will study with nationally and internationally recognized experts whose work is not only reshaping the discipline of history but public policy as well. As a student in the program, you will have the opportunity to work side-by-side with these scholars on research projects, to engage with local communities through public programs, to co-curate exhibitions and co-author publications, or even to travel the globe as a student researcher. The opportunities are extensive, and our faculty is ready to support you.

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As History majors, you will gain perspective on the breadth and diversity of human experience so essential to engaging in our increasingly connected globe. You will learn how to research, interpret, critically analyze, and evaluate complex information and competing interpretations, which will put you in a position to tackle the challenges of the 21st-century information economy. You will refine your written and oral communication skills while learning the essential arts of project management and collaboration. You will even have the opportunity to train in the digital humanities, learning GIS, digital storytelling, podcasting, and more.

When you major in history, you not only gain a nuanced understanding of the past, but you develop new ways of thinking and skills that are deeply relevant to contemporary society—and sought-after by employers.

Learn more about our B.A and M.A. degrees:

History Major

History Minor

M.A. in History Concentrations

  • Public History
  • U.S. History

M.A. in Public History / M.S. in Library Science Dual Degree

M.A. in Public History / Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies

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If you are considering majoring or minoring in History either as a new student or as a transfer student, please contact Jason M. Kelly, History Faculty Mentor.