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Posted on April 1st, 2021 in Faculty by Aaron Dusso
Bill Blomquist

Prof. Bill Blomquist will be the IUPUI “TRIP Scholar of the Month” for April.

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IUPUI’s Center for Translating Research into Practice (TRIP) promotes, supports, and recognizes the work done by IUPUI faculty to try to apply their scholarly interests and research toward community concerns and/or the work of organizations outside the university.

Dr. Blomquist has been an IUPUI TRIP Scholar for several years. He conducts research on the management of water resources, and in connection with that work has on occasion also served as a consultant, an expert witness, or a member of advisory committees or boards. For example, he currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of the White River Alliance here in central Indiana, and as Senior Governance Consultant for the San Joaquin Valley Collaborative Action Project in California. In these roles, he attempts to contribute insights from his research, and his research also benefits from these interactions with practitioners.

The TRIP Scholar of the Month program features a monthly series of presentations. Dr. Blomquist’s presentation, titled “Being Lucky and Smart: Why Water Policy Matters Even in a Wet State,” will take place on Friday, April 23rd, at noon. A link to the talk will become available on the TRIP website, http://trip.iupui.edu.