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Posted on January 8th, 2024 in Internships, Students, Students/Alumni by Aaron Dusso

Hello everyone! My name is Marlon Cabrera, and during the fall 2023 semester, I had the amazing opportunity to be an intern with the House Democratic Caucus in Washington, D.C.! This was a unique experience, and it has encouraged me to continue to pursue a career in public service. I had previously served as an intern in both Congressman André Carson’s district office and in Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett’s office, but this internship was unique in the fact that I got to spend the entire semester in another city. At first, it was a little intimidating, but I would not trade this wonderful experience for anything.


Ever since I was young, I have always had a keen interest in politics, and it eventually led me to take an active role. I personally had always dreamed of one day interning on Capitol Hill, and when I heard that I had gotten this internship, I was ecstatic. I had finally achieved one of my life’s aspirations. When it was time to leave for Washington, D.C., I told my friends and family goodbye and prepared myself to embark on this new journey.


When I started on my first day, it was clear that this would be an experience like no other, especially during the period I was on the hill. I spent my time creating social content, going to press conferences, and assisting members of Congress from all over the nation. It was extremely gratifying to meet many members of Congress who I never thought I would have the chance to meet in person. I also had the opportunity to see firsthand many historical events, such as Speaker McCarthy being removed, the multiple rounds of Speaker elections, and twice avoiding a government shutdown. It was hectic but rewarding at the same time, and I will always remember this experience as my first time on the hill.


This internship only solidified my interest in politics, and for the upcoming spring 2024 semester, I will be working in the Indiana Statehouse to get experience at the state level as well. After graduation, I have serious intentions to move back to Washington, D.C., with an official job to continue my career in the political realm. I credit this internship with giving me the possibility to do so because of the connections and experience that I gained while there. This opportunity truly changed the course of my life, and I encourage anyone interested in studying political science to search for opportunities in the field, as that is the best way to get exposed to the world of politics.