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Posted on August 31st, 2022 in Students by Sherry Minton
Symphanie Bolds, Anneka Scott, Evan Downey, Samantha Walters

The IU School of Liberal Arts Office of Career Development is excited to announce the launch of a new website designed to increase and improve student access to career development resources and opportunities.

Career development is an essential part of your education, especially at the beginning of an academic year. Career advisors can help you identify your interests, determine the best time for internships, develop your resume, and gain interviewing skills necessary to launch your career!

You are encouraged to meet with career advisors at least once a year, but you can meet as often as you’d like to ensure you are well prepared by graduation.

Attend an event

Take advantage of career-oriented events and career fairs throughout the academic year. Register now for our monthly Coffee & Careers, where students of all academic levels have the opportunity to meet potential employers, develop networking and interviewing skills, and learn more about career readiness.

You’re not alone in your career preparation. Stop by the Office of Career Development off the 2nd floor lobby in Cavanaugh Hall. The Career Development Team ­is here for you and they can’t wait to meet you!