Ph.D. Minor in Africana Studies

The Africana Studies Program at the IU School of Liberal Arts in Indianapolis is an interdisciplinary program that is dedicated to the scholarly examination of the histories, life, and culture of people from Africa and the African Diaspora (Africana). Currently, the program offers an undergraduate major, undergraduate minor, and an undergraduate certificate. The 12-credit hour PhD Minor in Africana Studies is open to doctoral level students from any discipline, and master’s level students are welcome to take courses as electives if they are approved by their respective programs to do so.

The minor has been developed for students with a desire to explore the centrality of the Africana experience as a compliment to scholarly work in their primary discipline. Students will learn to synthesize and critically interrogate the complex and multi-dimensional paths to inquiry about the Africana context, and its implications for research and praxis. The interdisciplinary nature of Africana Studies will provide the students seeking the minor with a wider and more diverse theoretical framework for engaging Black intellectual thought, radical traditions, cultural production, and historical and contemporary implications.

Admission Requirements

You will need to meet the requirements of your main Ph.D. program.

More Info

Contact Dr. Leslie Etienne, Director of Africana Studies;