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Posted on February 14th, 2022 in by Prabakaran Jayaraman

Choose one 3 credit course.

NELC-A261 Introduction to Arab American Studies (3 cr.) An introduction to American communities that trace their roots to Arabic-speaking countries in the Middle East and North Africa. Topics include Arab American cultures, religions, and literature. A portion of the course explores the history and contemporary lives of Arab Americans in Indiana and their contributions to the state.

NELC-N397 Peoples & Cultures of the Middle East (3 cr.) This course introduces students to the diversity of the major social and cultural aspects of the Middle East, using an interdisciplinary approach of anthropology, history, sociology, politics, and economics. It also focuses on the transformation and changes that took place in the region, and the media portraying of its events.

NELC-F360 Women & Islam (3 cr.) The course examines the status of women from the main Islamic sources and its historical development. Using a multidisciplinary approach, it studies Muslim women’s role in different cultures around the world, and the main challenges they faced and still encounter in the present time.