General Studies Program

The General Studies Program in the IU School of Liberal Arts is specially designed to fit the degree-seeking needs for returning and nontraditional students seeking a traditional undergraduate degree, full or part time. Located in Indianapolis, the General Studies Program is the only general studies degree program in a thriving, urban campus environment in the State of Indiana. The advantages of a general studies degree are diverse and meaningful to students looking to finish a degree. At IU Indianapolis, students can also maximize transfer credits to make the most of prior learning and build an individualized program around their unique interests and goals.

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What General Studies did for me?

Lora McGuire“While pursuing a degree in creative technologies, I struggled to commit to one major. I eventually chose to focus on my growing family of six while slowly earning credits. From architectural engineering to computer graphics and new media, creative problem solving was the common thread. I now know that I was created to thrive in diversity, and those courses challenged me in distinct ways. But they didn’t equal a degree. Finally, choosing General Studies was the most innovative solution available. This degree means finishing by faith what began 30-years ago. It broadened my scope and placed me in unfamiliar territory, including Medical Humanities, which is now a passion. This refocus was essential in persevering through late nights, tired days, and moments of overwhelm with a patient husband, four children, and family giving encouragement to my fears and triumphs. All of life’s ups and downs were the backdrop for this journey.”
— Lora McGuire, ’21 B.G.S.