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While the General Studies Program allows options of many courses from various schools, departments, and programs, students need to complete a capstone course. Students may also take an internship course.

Think about the capstone as a course that supports your transition from college student to the next stage of your life. In a sense, you we are building a bridge from where you are now to where you want to go. Also, you will be able to develop something to show people (like prospective employers) what your general studies degree means.

GNST-G 399 Internship This capstone experience involves students working in organizations where they apply or gain practical insight that integrates previously learned concepts, theories, and knowledge. Students analyze their experiences through work logs, a paper, and regular meetings with the internship director.

GNST-G 400 Capstone This course engages students in a reflection on their collegiate learning and an exploration of their transition to professional careers and life-long learning. The content of the course includes topics such as growth mindset, personal responsibility, making successful life transitions, self-discovery, resiliency, and self-concordant goal setting.

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