Why Study General Studies?

Pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in General Studies allows you to pursue a college education regardless of work schedules, domestic responsibilities, or location.

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A Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) degree is a multi-disciplinary program that emphasizes liberal arts and sciences (arts and humanities; science and math; and social and behavioral sciences) to enable you to meet your educational, professional, and personal goals.

The General Studies Program provides convenience, flexibility, and customization, allowing you to take an active role in your education as well as in your professional pursuits. The program also maximizes opportunities for individuals to pursue graduate studies and advance their careers.

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What General Studies did for me?

Hannah Poteet“A General Studies Degree is a degree that gave me the opportunity to explore several different fields of study. With my major in General Studies and Certificate in Event Management, I can get just as far in my work as an Event Management Major. The difference is that with my GS major I had the time to explore what I wanted to do before making a permit decision. Plus, I’m still graduating on time! The General Studies Department is amazing and communicates clearly with their students!”
— Hannah Poteet, ’21 B.G.S.

Individualized Academic Degree

The General Studies program is designed for:

  • adult students, who may have been in college but did not finish their degree.
  • transfer students, including those from two-year colleges, who want a broad-based degree program.
  • currently enrolled students, who are seeking an alternative degree path.

The program combines high academic standards with convenience and flexibility, allowing you to:

  • design your class schedule in partnership with your academic advisor.
  • earn a degree online.
  • take online, evening, and weekend courses.
  • apply credit from other accredited universities (old credits accepted).
  • earn credit for military service and CLEP/DSST examinations, and ACE-approved training courses.
  • pursue minors and certificates to satisfy your academic and professional needs.

Your Career Trajectory

The Bachelor of General Studies (B.G.S.) provides basic preparation for many careers and graduate programs. B.G.S. graduates are employed in various professional fields, including education, law, government and social service, real estate, and private industry. Many B.G.S. recipients have gone on to graduate programs in fields such as anthropology, business, divinity studies, education, fine arts, international affairs, law, library science, management, medicine, nursing, public health, and social work. B.G.S. graduates have earned master’s degrees and doctorates at Indiana University and other prestigious universities.

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