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Greetings! I am thrilled to embark on this new chapter of my journey as an emerging museum professional, eager to dive into the vibrant world of museums, art, and immersive experiences. As I step into this role, I find myself brimming with anticipation for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. While my background in art education and art history lays a foundation for my work, what truly sparks my interest is the prospect of creating poignant connections and fostering engaging experiences within museum settings.

Throughout my time as a graduate student at IUI, I have had the opportunity to create programming, design exhibition spaces, and develop a museum strategic plan while considering the aims and missions of individual museums, recognizing that different institutions have distinct goals. Although museums and museum-adjacent institutions each possess their own unique brand and operational methods, I’ve discovered that the shared desire to create meaningful experiences for visitors drives everyone I’ve encountered in this field. I am drawn to collaborating with others to create these experiences and hope to continue that work in the future. I desire to bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to the table while learning from those already engaged in the work. I believe we can push the boundaries of creativity to develop impactful spaces for museum visitors. 

I believe in the transforming power of narratives. My background in education provided me with the opportunity to incorporate storytelling and other forms of literacy-strengthening components into my daily work. My students and I would often read together before embarking on a new study. That provided us with the opportunity to connect those stories with art projects, allowing us to explore themes and ideas through creative expression. I have seen the power that this has on learners and I believe that it has just as much impact on adults as well. I am also inspired by places like the Walt Disney World and its ability to use storytelling to create fun and meaningful experiences for their guests. I recognize the potential for museums to create similar encounters for their visitors when creativity is embraced. I see no reason why fun should be reserved for theme parks and I aim to continue exploring new avenues for storytelling and interpretation. 

I believe museums should serve as a hub for dialogue, shared experiences, and collaborative exploration and I value research, study, and curiosity. Further, I am committed to playing a role in creating spaces where all individuals feel welcome and valued, and where their voices are heard and celebrated. I hope that the work I have selected for my portfolio will speak for itself and that the vision that I hold will aid in leading into the next phase of my professional career. Check out my portfolio to see how we can weave together art, history, and culture in meaningful ways! I would love for you to join me. 

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Jenni Mott (she/her) is a May 2024 Master’s degree recipient in the Museum Studies Program at Indiana University Indianapolis.