Location and Hours


The University Writing Center (UWC) has two physical and online locations. Consultants and UWC programming are the same at both locations. We offer sessions during regular business hours and in the evening in order to accommodate student schedules.

IUPUI Library Zoom image

University Library (UL) 2125
755 W Michigan Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202


Parking garages closest to University Library are the North Street Garage (next to Hine Towers), the Sport Complex Garage (visitors 1st floor; next to the IU Natatorium), and the Blackford Street Garage (requires IUPUI permit).

Metered parking, attended lots, and parking garages are marked in yellow on the Campus Map. Parking for persons with physical disabilities is available near every building and is marked clearly in each lot and garage.


School of Liberal Arts Zoom image

Cavanaugh Hall (CA) 427
425 University Boulevard
Indianapolis, IN 46202

The Canvanaugh UWC location will be closed during the finals and summer 2024 but will reopen at the beginning of the fall semester.

Visitor parking for Cavanaugh Hall is available in the Vermont Street Garage.  Visitors can enter through either the East or West Gate. The garage is connected to the Campus Center at the far East end. Visitors can reach the Campus Center via the First (1st) and Third (3rd) Floor stairwells of the garage. Cavanaugh Hall is across the street from the Campus Center on University Boulevard.

Online Sessions

All online sessions take place via Zoom. The Zoom link will be located in your consultant’s biography at our scheduling site. 

Please note: we will be closed whenever the university is closed. Further, if the Library is closed, we too will be closed at our UL 2125 location.

Summer Hours 2024

We will open for summer on May 14- Aug 9

University Library 2125

(in-person and online)

Cavanaugh Hall 427

(in-person and online)

Tuesdays 2-6 p.m. Closed
Wednesdays 2-6 p.m. Closed
Thursdays 3-7 p.m. Closed

Please note: we will be closed whenever the university is closed. Further, if the Library is closed, we too will be closed at our UL 2125 location.

For in-person appointments, we can work a hard copy, your laptop, or one of the UWC computers. In addition to one-on-one consulting sessions, in our Cavanaugh Hall (427) space, we will also be offering Writing in Community (formerly Write-on Sites), workshops, events, and more. Please stay tuned both here and to our social media for announcements about this exciting programming.



During the Spring 2024 Semester, students can schedule two appointments per day, not to exceed four appointments per week. This applies across locations. For example, a student cannot schedule a session at the library location in the morning and another session online in the afternoon. The UWC reserves the right to cancel any scheduled sessions that exceed these limits.

The services of the University Writing Center are only available to IUPUI students. Student Institutional agreements prohibit us from working with students on assignments for classes at other universities. If you are an Ivy Tech student and are a registered IUPUI student, you will need to use Ivy Tech resources while working on an Ivy Tech assignment.