Learner Resources

Welcome to the International Center for Intercultural Communication (ICIC). We hope that the Learner pages on our website will be of help to you as you adjust to life in Indianapolis and central Indiana. You may find the map of English classes in the Indianapolis area especially helpful, as well as the services offered by the Immigrant Welcome Center.  Links to both are included in these pages, as well as information on formal language study at IU Indianapolis.

We understand that adjusting to life in a new city is never easy, nor is learning English. Know that you are welcome here, and that we wish you success in your studies and in all that you do.

If English is a new language for you, there are words and phrases you need right away for your daily life. Google and YouTube are excellent resources for “survival English.” You can also visit the library and ask about books for beginning English learners. Your library may also offer basic English classes. If you live in Marion County, you can find your local library. Some additional websites for beginning learners are listed below.

Helpful Websites

  • English Club
    Helpful phrases for going to the clinic, using the library, parent-teacher interviews, grocery shopping, etc.
  • Transparent Language
    Basic English phrases for meeting and greeting. You can click on each phrase to hear how it sounds. A Spanish translation is included for each phrase.
  • Learnex
    User-friendly links to English learning videos, vocabulary, grammar, and job interview language and skills.
  • Real Life English
    This site extends beyond beginning English. However, it contains links to videos and blogs of highly contextualized native speaker English that can be highly effective in language learning.
  • You Tube
    You can find anything on YouTube. Just type “Survival English” into the search bar—then start watching and learning.
  • Google
    Like with YouTube, just type “Survival English” into the search bar.

Opportunities for Study at IU Indianapolis

IU Indianapolis provides opportunities for multilingual students throughout their post-secondary learning. If your goal is to improve your academic English and/or complete an undergraduate or graduate degree, the following resources will help you explore the possibilities.

  • English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Program
    As part of the English Department in the School of Liberal Arts at IU Indianapolis, the EAP Program is designed to provide the language support and assistance undergraduate and graduate students need to fully participate and succeed in their respective fields.
  • Passport Program – Ivy Tech/IU Indianapolis
    The Passport office exists to make the transfer of credit and/or degrees between Ivy Tech and IU Indianapolis as simple as possible. This means you can often complete some of your course work at Ivy Tech and then finish your degree at IU Indianapolis.

Learner Resources

Learning English is important to finding your way in a new culture, and there are many resources available in the Indianapolis area to help you.

  • Immigrant Welcome Center
    Immigrant Welcome Center helps newcomers transition to life in Indianapolis through the services they offer. If you are an immigrant looking for help, visit the Immigrant Welcome Center website to read about the programs they offer, or email the Welcome Center.
  • Indianapolis English Classes
    Volunteers at the Immigrant Welcome Center have designed a map to help adult learners find an English class. Classes vary in cost, location, time, and focus. Class information may change, so check the site for updates.
  • Exodus Refugee
    Exodus has a long history of welcoming refugees and asylees from many countries, cultures, languages, faiths, and political opinions. Exodus began in 1981 with the mission to serve the legal needs of immigrants and Cuban refugees, who had arrived as part of the Mariel boatlift in 1980. Since that time, Exodus has helped thousands of refugees establish their lives in Indiana.