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Posted on February 14th, 2024 in Faculty by Sydney Bielefeld

Ah, Professor Owen Dwyer, where do we even begin? Everyone says not to Google yourself, but in this case, maybe you should. Let’s start by analyzing the glowing reviews on If you’ve had the pleasure of scrolling though the comments about this beacon of wisdom and wit, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. With a remarkable 5/5 overall quality rating based on 20 enthusiastic reviews, it’s evident that Professor Dwyer is a formidable presence in the realm of academia.

Owen J. Dwyer headshot imageLet’s dive into what make Professor Dwyer so beloved by his students, shall we?

Patient, Caring, and Passionate

“Where do I start with Professor Dwyer. He’s incredibly patient, caring and listens well to student feedback. You can tell he cares a lot about his job and I appreciate that.” With words like these, it’s evident that Professor Dwyer’s dedication to his students goes above and beyond. His passion for teaching shines through in every class, as he effortlessly weaves humor and enthusiasm into his lectures on environmentalism and beyond.

Great Assignments, Great Advice

“Had the pleasure of taking one of his classes this year through Zoom and he’s super passionate about the environment and funny. Assignments are easy once you get used to them.” Ah, the infamous “map assignments” – easy yet time consuming, just like a good cup of coffee. I love when students say that assignments are easy, that means the professor is doing a great job teaching! And let’s not forget Professor Dwyer’s knack for doling out sage advice that leaves students feeling empowered and ready to conquer the world.

Unorthodox Teaching Methods

“Best instructor at IUPUI. His methods are unorthodox, but most certainly welcome. He departs from the standard lecture methods and is genuinely interested in what you think.” Who needs stuffy old lectures when you can have Professor Dwyer guiding you through interactive projects and thought-provoking discussions? From 100 to 400 level courses, Professor Dwyer’s unorthodox approach to teaching keeps students engaged and excited to learn.

A Breath of Fresh Air

“Owen is an excellent professor. His unorthodox teaching methods focused on independent thinking instead of memorizing readings and lectures. I would take any class he teaches.” With accolades like these, it’s clear that Professor Dwyer is not your average professor. He’s a breath of fresh air in a sea of monotony, challenging his students to think critically and embrace their own unique perspectives.

In conclusion, Professor Owen Dwyer is more than just an educator – he’s a mentor, a friend, and a source of inspiration for all who have the privilege of learning from him. So here’s to you, Professor Dwyer, for lighting the way and making the world of academia a brighter place for us all. Cheers!