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Pursuing a graduate degree in geography will give you the experiences and skill sets that uniquely qualified you to face the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Lines connected from London to several cities around the World.

Geography, like history, is a way of looking at the world. Whereas historians study variation through time, geographers study variation through space: how and why the earth’s natural and human features vary from place to place.

Geographers work at the intersection of social and natural sciences, using the concepts and methods of both to examine human-environmental relationships in their full complexity. This integrative approach is a hallmark of geography and one of its main attractions.

What Geography and GIS Did for Me?

“Geographic analysis and cartographic output are tremendous tools in helping to form decision making and solving public issues that are not always seen clearly from simple data compiling or administrative actions. From plotting out potholes for web mapping, to in depth crime analysis, to land stewardship for environmental protection, to name a few, the need for geographic knowledge and support is wide and growing. Not only are we dealing with the many departments and agencies of the City/County enterprise, but we are providing data and web applications to the public citizenry that helps everyone using geographic knowledge make better decisions. So, I am thankful to have my degree in Geography from IUPUI to help make a significant contribution to the progress and well-being of this great city.”

David works as a GIS Analyst for the Information Services Agency of the City of Indianapolis, Marion County. He has been a GIS analyst working with the Indianapolis data for at least 25 years. He has made thousands of different maps for the various requests from city/county staff and one of my most notable contributions to Indy were the maps for the Super Bowl Host Committee that helped them land the event for Indianapolis in 2012.
– David Surina, BA ‘90 Geography

Geographers can be found in a great variety of positions often not specifically identified as geographic: environmental management, urban planning, conservation, recreation and tourism, transportation planning, international affairs, and many others.

  • City and regional planning
  • Architecture
  • Civil and environmental engineering
  • Earth and atmospheric sciences
  • Environmental science
  • Public policy
  • Sustainability studies

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