Minor in Arabic Culture and Public Health

Enhance your medical and health careers and service with a language and cultural understanding of Arabic.

With the minor in Arabic Culture and Public Health and its interdisciplinary approach to connect the study of the Arabic Language and Culture with Public Health Study, you will better serve the Indiana population of Arab immigrants and refugees and build bridges with Arab countries of the Middle East and the MENA region.

Requirements for the Minor

The Minor in Arabic Culture and Public Health (NELC & PBHL) requirements (in effect as of Fall 2020) are:

  • completion of (15-17 credits), with a minimum grade of “C” in each course.
  • completion of at least six credits at the 300 or 400-level.
  • completion of at least nine credits taken at IUPUI.
  • students cannot “double count” any course toward the 15-17 required credits.

Course Requirements

To achieve a functional Arabic knowledge, students must complete:

Introductory Courses

Choose two courses for 8 credits.

NELC A131 Beginning Arabic I (4 cr.)
NELC A132 Beginning Arabic II (4 cr.)

Or choose two courses for 6 credits.

NELC A200 Intermediate Arabic I (3 cr.)
NELC A250 Intermediate Arabic II (3 cr.)
NELC A300 Advanced Arabic I (3 cr.)
NELC A350 Advanced Arabic II (3 cr.)

Arabic Culture Courses

Choose one 3 credit course.

NELC N397 Peoples & Cultures of the Middle East (3 cr.)
NELC F360 Women & Islam (3 cr.)

Public Health Course

Take this required course.

PBHL S460 Biosocial Approach to Global Health (3 cr.)

Elective Courses

Choose one 3 credit course.

R257 Intro to Islam (3 cr.)
PBHL S120 Intro to Community Health (3 cr.)
PBHL S335 Health Equity (3 cr.)

More Info

Contact the Director of the Program in Arabic, Dr. Amira Mashhour.