Scholarships & Awards

Giles and Dolores Hoyt awarding students the Hoyt IUPUI German Scholarship.

The Program in German has several awards that support students seeking to enrich their education through German study. Our department places great value on the growth and experience that comes from international travel and immersive learning.

Undergraduate Scholarships

Bersier World Languages Scholarship 

Created by Professor Emerita Gabrielle Bersier, this scholarship supports an undergraduate student who majoring in the Department of World Languages and Cultures, or Individualized Major Program.

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Dolores J and Giles R Hoyt IUPUI German Scholarship

This scholarship was created by Professor Emeritus Giles Hoyt and Associate Dean Emerita Dolores Hoyt to provide financial support and encouragement to students majoring, minoring, or pursuing a certificate or graduate degree in the German program.

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International German Engineering Award

This Supports students in the German program who are also working toward a degree in Engineering or Technology.

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World Languages Academic Achievement Award for German

This award honors a student who has demonstrated excellence in the study of the German language, culture, literature, and linguistics.

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IUPUI Max Kade German-American Center Scholarships

The Max Kade German-American Center at IUPUI offers multiple grants for undergraduate and graduate students at IUPUI.

Daniel Nuetzel Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established in memory of Dr. Daniel Nützel, former German professor and Director of the IUPUI Max Kade German-American Center. The scholarship supports undergraduate or graduate students with the pursuit of a part-time professional internship at a German-American organization.

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Max Kade German-American Center Scholarship for Interdisciplinary Studies

Undergraduate students enrolled at IUPUI with a declared major in German and another IUPUI major. Required 2.75 GPA (4-point scale) minimum and completion of requirements for German Minor at the time of application.

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Max Kade Foundation German Language Study Abroad Travel Grants

Six travel grants will be awarded to full and part-time IUPUI undergraduate students working toward a degree in German or other field for which German is a degree requirement.

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IUPUI Max Kade German-American Center Study Abroad Scholarship

One scholarship will be awarded to a full or part-time IUPUI undergraduate student working toward a degree in German. Two semesters of German and (planned) participation in an approved study abroad experience required at time of application.

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Max Kade Graduate Scholarship

Two Max Kade Graduate Scholarships are available each academic year. Graduate students admitted to or applying for admission to an IUPUI graduate program who meet the criteria are invited to apply.

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School of Liberal Arts Scholarships

Students in the Program in German may also be eligible for school and campus scholarships and awards. See the School of Liberal Arts Scholarships and Awards for more information.

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