Why Study German?

Studying German will broaden your cultural horizons by providing access to a key region of central Europe. It will prepare you for a variety of careers in international business, communication, translation, travel and hospitality, education, engineering, technology, and business. German is the perfect degree to pair with other majors and minors since it is an important language for international law and diplomacy, business, finance and technology, the arts, fashion design, international cuisine, and tourism.

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In this program, you will acquire global marketable proficiencies in German and learn about contemporary life in the German-speaking countries by examining institutions, customs, and identities in cross-cultural contexts. You will also develop a critical understanding of the historical and cultural movements that have shaped contemporary German culture. Moreover, you will acquire critical analytical and communication skills that prepare you for life after graduation.

The Program in German offers:

One Program, Two Degrees

As an IUPUI undergraduate student majoring in any area, you are eligible to earn a B.A. in German. Develop your own unique advantage and carve your own path without adding time to your studies by combining a German degree with your other interests in any School on campus through the Dual Degree Advantage Program.

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German at Work

Germany is the powerhouse of the European economy, and a major in German has never been more desirable in the workplace. German is not only one of the main languages of the European Union and many other international bodies, but it is also dominant in science, engineering, technology, and business. Over 3,000 German companies operate in the U.S. and provide 674,000 jobs.

Speaking German will prepare you for a place in the global workforce, whether you’re based internationally or in the United States. Germany is the fourth-largest foreign investor in the United States, and German-based companies employ 15,000 Hoosiers across Indiana. German-based companies operating in Indiana include:

  • Bayer Healthcare
  • Siemens Healthcare
  • ThyssenKrupp Presta
  • Voss Automotive
  • Wurth Service Supply

An increasing number of American companies base their training on Germany’s dual vocational training system.

What Studying German Did for Me?

Sarah Evans“Majoring in German opened up new worlds for me–both personally and professionally. Studying German allowed me to befriend people I would have never have met, as well as develop a deeper, more open-minded understanding of the world around me. After graduating from IUPUI, I received a Fulbright grant to teach English in Germany, where I lived for a year and became nearly fluent in German. Afterwards, I participate in the USTA program to work as a teaching assistant in Austria for two years. Not only did I improve my German immensely, but I developed a deep understanding of Austrian culture, made friends for life, and had a lot of fun exploring the mountains — learning to ski and hike! Neither of these life-changing experiences would have been possible without studying German. Although I currently work in the US, I know my knowledge of the German language and culture always has the potential to open more career doors, should I decide to work overseas, and my experiences living in Germany and Austria helped me develop a strong inner confidence and invaluable cross-cultural awareness that no job could teach me.”
— Sarah Evans , B.A. German (2016)
Sarah was awarded the 2016 School of Liberal Arts Faculty Medal of Distinction.

Abroad Learning

The Program in German encourages students to explore immersive options through abroad learning. German Majors have the option to study in Germany or Austria. Dual degree students in Engineering and German have the opportunity to complete an internship in Germany. Our faculty have studied and taught at universities in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and are prepared to guide you through this incomparable student experience.

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