Program/Committee Coordinator

Writing Consultants who are promoted to a Committee Coordinator role are expected to work in the University Writing Center (UWC) for 15-20 hours per week with duties split across the role as a Program/Committee Coordinator and Experienced, Advanced, or Graduate Writing Consultant. Writing consultants who take on the role of Coordinator are expected to engage in significant professional development within the UWC and complete administrative duties that sustain UWC programming. Each coordinator leads a committee or major UWC program. 

Current coordinator roles include: Graduate Writing Coordinator, Language & Cultural Diversity Committee Coordinator, Online and Multimodal Consulting Resources Committee Coordinator, Research & Assessment Committee Coordinator,  and Workshop Coordinator.


Take primary responsibility for completing and communicating about program/committee projects including

    • Attend Leadership Team Meetings
    • Create semester-long plan of responsibilities, goals, and timelines at the beginning of each semester
    • Write regular updates about committees/projects for the Director & Assistant Director
    • Write a semester-end report with overall accomplishments and shortcomings of committee/project progress with a general plan for the next semester 
    • Work with Director and Assistant Director to discuss expectations of particular committee/program coordinator role and priorities for each semester and/or academic year
    • Create and maintain guiding documents for committee/program responsibilities
    • Mentor incoming coordinator 
    • Meet with Director and/or Assistant Director as needed

Lead project management of program/committee

    • Lead Program/Committee Meetings 
    • Delegate committee- and project-related tasks to committee members such as
      • Conducting writing center research 
      • Developing writing center curriculum, including UWC professional development workshops for staff meetings and public-facing programming
      • Facilitation of UWC professional development workshops and public-facing programming
    • Maintain Committee/Coordinator to-do list and make sure you and your committee members are staying on top of all tasks assigned to your committee
    • Support program facilitators/committee members as needed
    • Facilitate communication between project/committee members and UWC leadership

To conduct this work thoroughly, consistently, and productively, all coordinators should be sure that they have sufficient project time. Each coordinator is expected to utilize 2-5 hours of project time each week. Program/Committee Coordinators should work with the Assistant Director to ensure their project time is scheduled appropriately. 

The extra responsibilities and pay associated with this role require that projects get completed in a thorough and timely manner. Attention to these projects will improve our one-to-one consulting but require that you make time for them alongside your general one-to-one consulting. In other words, do not put off these tasks. Communicate openly and frequently with the Director and Assistant Director about your needs to complete this work. 

Along with contributing to the sustainability of UWC culture and community, your leadership as a Program/Committee Coordinator should be personally meaningful to you and can lead to conference presentations, publications, and other professional, scholarly, and personal accomplishments.