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Posted on April 10th, 2023 in Educational Programs by Miriam Maddox

Hello everyone! My name is Erkan and I am from Turkiye. We are told to write a blog no more than 500 words. I had been in Indy for two weeks. Let alone 500 words, I don’t think that there are any words to describe this amazing experience. I actually don’t want to mention about our visits, social activities, classes with full of experiences or numerous takeaways. I was one of the youngest in this great group after Alice, Miriam and Zainab! 🙂 

I also came to Indy from the very middle of earthquake region. It had been a month after I arrived Indy. And believe me friends, that one month was like a year to me. Therefore, this exchange program was like a new-birth to me and I really, really mean it. The Canal, IUPUI, our lovely hotel lobby, that great brewery we went, the Asian restaurant, Eiteljorg Museum, downtown, our secret spot (I’m not gonna say that! :p), Pacers! And every other endless detail we had. Our lovely leader with his endless energy and positiveness and best voice in the world Matthew, our dear sheep counter Maggie the Patient, our sophisticated guides Dr. Connor and Dr. Dicken, our best, best and best friend Miriam, our funny and friendly companion Alice. And every other person we came across. And last but not least, 24 various, funny, friendly, easy-going people from 23 countries. We were the best, right?! (: You were all my biggest takeaway from this amazing experience. I hope our paths will cross again. I love you all! IUPUI team is the best!

PS: Our first and last photo together.

2 thoughts on "“No Words” – Erkan Marasli (Turkiye)"

  1. Salma el Gabry says:

    You are so inspiring Erkan. You are a strong person a great educator and one of the best people I have met. I know the secret spot😂!!!. Thanks for being the coolest Hoosier.

  2. Mirachi says:

    What a heartwarming and delightful read! Erkan, your enthusiasm and gratitude for the exchange program in Indy shine through your words. It’s evident that this experience has been truly transformative for you, almost like a rebirth, especially considering the challenges you faced in the earthquake region.

    Your vivid descriptions of the places you visited, from the Canal to the Eiteljorg Museum and the downtown area, make me feel like I was right there with you. The camaraderie among the participants, as well as the appreciation for the leaders and guides, is palpable. It’s clear that this wasn’t just a trip but a journey filled with meaningful connections and unforgettable moments.

    Your playful reference to the “secret spot” adds a touch of mystery and keeps the reader intrigued. It seems like every detail, from the brewery to the Pacers game, contributed to a rich tapestry of experiences that will be cherished forever.

    The heartfelt shoutouts to your fellow participants, leaders, and guides add a personal touch to your narrative. The affectionate way you describe each person, from Matthew with his endless energy to Maggie the Patient and the whole IUPUI team, reflects the deep bonds formed during this program.

    Wishing you all the best as you carry these cherished memories forward. May your paths indeed cross again, and may the friendships forged during this exchange program endure for a lifetime. Your positivity is contagious, Erkan, and your love for the IUPUI team truly shines through. Thanks for sharing this beautiful reflection on your unforgettable journey!

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