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Posted on April 10th, 2023 in Educational Programs by Matthew Hume
Exchange participants and IUPUI faculty gathered for an exchange of culture through small tokens of thanks and generous music and dance offerings in the ICIC office!

One of the things that makes ICIC and IUPUI truly special is an ongoing commitment to learning through internationalization, including exchanges for international students and educators. This March, ICIC led an exchange program, “Using Service-Learning to Teach 21st Century Skills to English Language Learners,” bringing 25 TESOL educators from 24 different countries to Indianapolis for two weeks of professional development. Through this program, sponsored by FHI 360 and the Office of English Language Programs in the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State, IUPUI faculty and staff and our visiting exchange scholars learned from each other, shared our experiences, and built meaningful connections that bridged cultures and communities.

While the TESOL educators who visited IUPUI have now returned to their home countries, they made a lasting impact on our community. We were honored to host them and to learn from their vast expertise and experience in the field of TESOL.

Throughout their two-week stay, the TESOL educators engaged in a range of activities designed to enhance their professional development and promote intercultural exchange. They attended interactive workshops by IUPUI faculty in the field and networked with fellow educators from around the world.

Their time in Indianapolis was also filled with cultural experiences that allowed them to explore the city’s rich history and diverse arts and culture scene. From visiting museums and galleries to attending a Pacers basketball game, they immersed themselves in the local culture and came away with a deeper understanding of what makes Indianapolis and Indiana unique.

The TESOL educators also shared their experiences with us through a series of blog posts, available for you to read in ICIC News and Updates! They talked about their favorite moments in the city, the challenges they faced, and the strategies and techniques they plan to use in their teaching practice. We were touched by how much they valued their time spent in Indianapolis at IUPUI and how they felt that it had expanded their horizons both personally and professionally.

At ICIC, we also valued the opportunity to learn from them. Their insights and expertise helped us to broaden our understanding and to identify new strategies and techniques that we can use in our own teaching practice. We appreciated the time and effort they put into sharing their experiences with us, and we desire to maintain these newly kindled connections as part of our global community of learners.

In short, the TESOL educator service-learning exchange program was a resounding success, and we are grateful to everyone who made it possible. We look forward to continuing to promote intercultural exchange and to both share our expertise and continue our learning from educators from around the world.

We hope these reflections / blog posts inspire you and give you an inside look into the experiences of a few of our extremely talented and equally kindhearted program participants.

3 thoughts on "Reflections from Recent Service-Learning Exchange Program Participants"

  1. Salma el Gabry says:

    It was a wonderful and a fruitful experience and we have learnt a lot. Thank you so much for the outstanding program.

  2. Ayna says:

    It was unforgettable and very productive 2 weeks in my professional life! Thank you very much everyone who put all their efforts to the program.

  3. Erkan Marasli says:

    It was an amazing experience for me, whatever I say, I know it is not going to be enough about expressing my feelings about this program and you guys. Thanks for great times, IUPUI is the best! We were the best! ^^

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