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Posted on April 10th, 2023 in Educational Programs by Miriam Maddox

I would like to share my experience in the in-person exchange program “Using Service-Learning to Teach the 21st Century Skills”.

It was one of the best experiences I have had in my life. We have met different professors who had presented service-learning in a completely different way. We had the chance to meet professors who applied service-learning in their educational institutions. I have learnt that service-learning is whatever you do to service your community whether you are helping people in your school, college, the community surrounding. 

We were also introduced to different theories and teaching tools that can be applied to introduce service-learning projects that present sustainability and service the whole community starting from student, parents to the environment. 

I have had outstanding colleagues as well who I have learned a lot from and I would always stay in touch with them as they encouraged me to work with them virtually. 

These are my three favorite pictures as they are the best memories of the program. The first one is from our gathering at Dr Conner’s house; we had an outstanding night and I have learned a lot from her. 



The second one is the day that I presented my service-learning project as I felt that was the result of our work in the last couple of weeks and I was very excited to start my project and apply what I have learned.




The last one is with my favorite people and I consider them my family across the world. 




Special thanks to Matthew and Dr. Connor and Dr. Asieh Dicken for being the best instructors. Miriam, Maggie and Alice for facilitating everything for us. I love you all so much and thank you for the best experience I had in my life.

One thought on "“The Best Experience of My Life” – Salma Elgabry (Egypt)"

  1. Erkan Marasli says:

    You are one of the kindest and the best one with her kindred soul I have ever met. Thanks for always supporting your little brother. Thanks for cheering up our gang. Thanks for being yourself in short, dear Salma. I love you so much! <3

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