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Posted on December 6th, 2023 in Blog, Internships, News Reporting, Students by Emily Turnier

Logo for Multicultural Media Producing Program

This semester, two IUPUI Journalism students are participating in a new WISH-TV internship program called the Multicultural Media Producing Program. Students in the program spend four hours a week at the WISH-TV studios, where they work alongside industry professionals and develop journalism skills. The internship provides instruction on newsgathering, newscast producing, and TV show producing. 

The objective is to train interns on how to become news producers and to introduce more diverse individuals to the news industry.

Picture of Senior Adam Peterson

Senior Adam Peterson

Senior Adam Peterson, a Journalism major participating in the program, said that on a typical evening at the internship, the students watch the opening block of a recent WISH-TV broadcast for critique. 

“Following that, the class usually takes one or two recent news stories that WISH has covered and the students practice by writing them in a specific style and making the graphics for them,” Peterson said. “Afterwards, some of us will share what we wrote to the class for feedback from our instructor.”

Peterson said he appreciates this hands-on learning.

“We’re using real, current stories and not ones that are outdated or hypothetical, we’re using the actual software and formatting a producer would use, and we’re in an environment where we can really focus in on learning the craft and improving our skills instead of stressing about getting an ‘A,’” he said. “It is a challenging but very supportive environment.”

Madison Hurst

First-year student Madison Hurst

Sophomore/first-year student Madison Hurst says that presenting stories in front of the group may seem intimidating, but it’s been a great experience for her. 

“The assignments at WISH are often very fast-paced, but everyone is there to help each other out and learn to write news,” Hurst, a Journalism major, said.

“My favorite stories so far are about community involvement, like the opening of the Fresh Initiative food kitchen and Safe Haven baby boxes,” she continued. “These stories are often interviews with someone who is passionate about the work they’re doing.”

Hurst said the opportunity has changed her after-graduation plans.

“Before starting [the internship], I was leaning toward publishing and editing,” she said. “The pacing and energy in a newsroom have changed my mind.”

WISH-TV is currently seeking interns for the program for the Spring 2024 semester. (Interested in applying? Send a resume and a statement on why you are interested in the news industry and this internship program to: Meghan Stratton at

“The MMPP is a fantastic experience, and I am very grateful to have been a part of the inaugural class,” Peterson said. “I would recommend it to any journalism student interested in broadcast news.”

Learn more about the Multicultural Media Producing Program.