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Posted on November 16th, 2023 in Announcements, Blog, Social Media Jobs, Students by Emily Turnier

Seven journalism and public relations students have taken over the Department of Journalism and Public Relations this academic year – the department’s social media, that is. These volunteer social media “ambassadors” alternate posting on the department’s Instagram feed, sharing photos and behind-the-scenes videos of what’s going on in their lives, in their classes, at their internships, in clubs they belong to on campus, and more.

The 2023-’24 school year is the third year the department has enlisted students to serve as ambassadors, engaging with current and prospective students, alumni, faculty, and community members.

“Our goal is for our department’s social media to become filled with images of those most important to us – our students,” said Emily Turnier, director of outreach and career services.

The students in turn sharpen their photography, videography, writing, and social media skills. Take a look at this year’s social media ambassadors:

Picture of student ALYSSA CALLAHAN

Alyssa Callahan

Alyssa Callahan, Freshman

Major and minor: Journalism major; Communication Studies minor

Career goal: “I want to be a broadcaster with WISH-TV.” 

Fun fact: “I went to Broadway and performed Dr. Seuss the Seussical! I also went to Disney world and performed at Peter Pan Lost Boy!” 

Connect with Alyssa: Instagram

Picture of Tyniesha Conwell

Tyniesha Conwell

Tyniesha Conwell, Sophomore

Major and minor: Pre-Journalism with a concentration in Public Relations; Event Management minor

Career goal: “My career goal is to pursue social media marketing and branding.”

Fun fact: “My Starbucks order is an iced white chocolate mocha with no whipped cream and blonde espresso roast!”

Connect with Tyniesha: Instagram and LinkedIn

Headshot picture of Senior Justin Haberstroh

Justin Haberstroh

Justin Haberstroh, Senior 

Major: Journalism

Career goal: “Ideally after college I can spend some time to travel the world. For work post-college, I would love to work for a Fortune 500 company or to be a sportswriter.”

Fun fact: “I lived in Hawaii when I was little!”

Connect with Justin: Instagram and LinkedIn

Madison Hurst

Madison Hurst

Madison Hurst, Sophomore

Majors: English and Journalism

Career goal: “I hope to work in newswriting or publishing after graduation.”

Fun fact: “I am an intern at WISH-TV, and I like to reward myself with Sushi Boss on internship days.”

Connect with Madison: Instagram

Kenzie Pittenger headshot

Kenzie Pittenger

Kenzie Pittenger, Senior 

Major and minors: Sports Management major; Journalism certificate

Career goal: “I want to become a sports play-by-blay commentator for women’s basketball.”

Fun fact: “I have been to six countries and 25 states!”

Connect with Kenzie: Instagram and LinkedIn

Senior Jadin Reeves films a TV news broadcast in Indianapolis

Jadin Reeves

Jadin Reeves, Senior

Major and minor: Journalism major; Communication Studies minor

Career goal: “I want to be a multimedia journalist — I want to work with storytelling through broadcast and digital platforms.”

Fun fact: “I am an identical twin. She is older than me by only one minute!”

Connect with Jadin: Instagram and LinkedIn

Picture of Avi Sarkar

Avi Sarkar

Avi Sarkar, Junior

Major and certificate: Public Policy major; Journalism certificate

Career goal: “I would love to do the Washington Leadership Program. Eventually I would want to work in the lobbying world or working in a congressman or senator’s office.”

Fun fact: “I am an only child, and my favorite food is Krispy Kreme donuts.”

Connect with Avi: Instagram

Follow along with our social media ambassadors on the Department of Journalism and Public Relations Instagram page.