Graduate Studies

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Sports Journalism

As a Sports Journalism graduate student, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in real-world experiences, whether it’s at the Indianapolis 500, the Rose Bowl, or the Olympics. Professors organize life-changing projects you can benefit from.

Public Relations

Are you considering our Public Relations graduate program? You will work on projects and build a portfolio tapping into Indianapolis’ nonprofits, medical facilities, and health organizations, and the city’s many public relations firms — all while studying to earn an advanced degree that sets you apart. Past students have completed projects such as a nine-step strategy for the FBI in Indianapolis to promote a collaborative documentary with the Drug Enforcement Administration; a proposal for the American Cancer Society to motivate cyclists to sign up for a bike race fundraiser; and a plan for publicizing the production of Disney’s Newsies at the Civic Theatre in Carmel, Ind.

You’ll learn from faculty who come from long careers at top organizations – the New York Times and USA Today, to name a few – and serve as teachers, mentors and supporters. These professors frequently organize student-success events and career panels for you, both online and in-person.

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