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Posted on May 10th, 2022 in Ancient Influencers, Classes by Elizabeth W. Thill | Tags: , , ,

This episode of Ancient HBO brought to you by CLAS-C 101 Ancient Greek Culture – Because Westeros has nothing on the past. 

Also, spoiler alerts, if that’s still a thing for OG Game of Thrones…

The Battle of Blackwater Bay saw the invading army of Stannis Baratheon penned in and destroyed by wildfire at the hands of the Hand, Tyrion Lannister, and the forces of Kings Landing. But at least some of Stannis’ men survived the expedition (Onion Knight for the Iron Throne!) In the Peloponnesian War, the invading forces from Athens tried to retreat from the Bay of Syracuse in Sicily, running from Spartan forces. But when priests interpreted a lunar eclipse as a bad omen from the gods, the Athenian ships stayed put for a month to wait out the divine anger, as their enemies used that time to barricade them in the bay and set the ships on fire. Not a single Athenian soldier made it back to Greece. Sounds like someone could have used a clever dwarf.

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