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Posted on February 5th, 2022 in Courses by Elizabeth W. Thill | Tags: , , , ,

The Roman Empire was vast, encompassing cultures from the British Isles to Egypt, Spain to Syria, often all in one city. Social roles and relationships ranged from the emperor to the enslaved. Yet the voices and perspectives that have been preserved in the traditional university classroom are surprisingly narrow: those of elite men. But new scholarship and new scholars are pushing back, building bridges not just to the past in general, but specifically to the individuals whose voices have been silenced over the centuries.

Come learn how sex and gender shaped the Roman world, and how Roman perceptions of sex and gender continue to shape our world today. Focus in on the lives of people whose sex or gender shut them out of traditional venues of social success. No pre-requisites necessary, just curiosity!

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Fun Facts:

  • no pre-requisites
  • combined with WGSS-W300
  • online asynchronous
  • can be applied to the Classical Studies Minor
  • 3 credits

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Interested in pairing this class with our other Summer Special Topics class: CLAS-C 491 The Black Plague, offered in Summer I? Just enroll in one or both classes under their alternate numbers (or click through for more information):

  • Black Plague: MHHS-M 492 (27502)
  • Sex and Gender: WGSS-W300 (14288)

Recent Offerings

Summer II 2023
  • online asynchronous (Prof. Crystal Rosenthal)