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Posted on February 6th, 2022 in Courses, Upcoming by Elizabeth W. Thill | Tags: , , , ,

The stories of Classical Mythology, and the ancient art that brought them to life, have become woven throughout the tapestry of later artistic movements. In the Renaissance, Botticelli turned the ancient myth of desire’s creation into a Christian allegory, and somehow made nudity chic again in his The Birth of Venus. Meanwhile Michelangelo fell in love with the twisted passion of the ancient sculpture of the priest Laocoön, recently unearthed in Rome, and the rest is really muscular artistic history. Speaking of Michelangelo…contemporary artists have continued to play with our fascination with ancient mythological art, from Damien Hirst’s faked shipwreck Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable to Brett Kern’s The Dying Ninja Turtle.

Come learn how myth and art shaped the Greek and Roman world, and how ancient perceptions of myth and art continue to shape our world today. No pre-requisites necessary, just curiosity!

Fun Facts:

  • no pre-requisites
  • combined with HER-H400
  • online asynchronous
  • can be applied to the Classical Studies Minor
  • 3 credits

Coming Next: Summer II 2024

  • online asynchronous
  • Dr. Andy Findley