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Posted on January 24th, 2024 by Elizabeth W. Thill

It is with deep sadness that our Classical Studies Program recognizes the passing of Dr. Allen Shotwell in November 2023. Dr. Shotwell had just joined our program as an associate faculty member, and was serving as professor for our Fall 2023 Ancient Medicine class. He took on this work out of pure joy for the material: he already carried a full teaching load with other programs, but, as he told me, he wanted a chance to teach a subject he really loved. In the short time he was with our program, Dr. Shotwell established a strong relationship with his students, so much so that when a few emails went unanswered, his students reached out to me to express their concern, saying it was unlike him to let more than a day go by in his replies. This sort of rapport with students whom Dr. Shotwell had never even met in person (his course was online asynchronous) stands as a testament to his dedication to his craft. We are grateful to have had Dr. Shotwell as part of our program, if only too briefly. In his honor, the Classical Studies Program has planted a grove of trees in Europe through One Tree Planted.