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Episode 10: In which Hera and Zeus continue to talk mortal mosaics as a metaphor for their terrible, terrible marriage.

This episode of Real Housewives of Mt. Olympus brought to you by the latest archaeological news on – and by CLAS-A 301 Classical Archaeology.

[SETTING: Breakfast in the Palace of the Gods]

HERA, GODDESS OF MARRIAGE AND ZEUS’ SISTER-WIFE-QUEEN (you read that right): Did you see the mortals found a new mosaic around Judea? I ask, since apparently you are so interested in mortals’ mosaics these days.


HERA: Why does everything I say to you have to be a trap?

ZEUS: Well, most times you talk to me it is a trap. Like remember that time during the Trojan War, when you got all tramped up and seduced me, then had Sleep drug me, and then you started a battle behind my back?

The divine staring contest escalated quickly.

HERA (coldly): I remember that you tried to get me in the mood by listing all of your baby-mommas, for some reason.

ZEUS: Or that time you demanded that I give you a cow as a birthday present because you knew the cow was my side-piece in disguise?

HERA: I found you floating in a giggling sex-cloud, with a cow. The “lover in disguise” was the most flattering scenario I could arrive at.

ZEUS: Um, what about the mosaic?

HERA: Apparently it’s another mosaic from those non-idolater Jewish people. But this one shows a scene from their mythology. After a battle, a Jewish woman invites an enemy general into her tent, and when he falls asleep, she drives a tent-stake through his head. (musing) I wish I had thought of that.

This staring contest got REALLY out of hand.

ZEUS: I don’t like this story.

HERA: Maybe I misjudged these Jewish merchants. I should look into more of their ideas before I inevitably smite them.

ZEUS (muttering): This is why I like mortal girls.

HERA: Excuse me?

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