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Posted on April 13th, 2023 in Classics at the Kan-Kan, Events by Elizabeth W. Thill | Tags:

Ever wonder what it would look like if time-traveling Ancient Greeks made a movie? Forget Brad Pitt in Troy or Dwayne Johnson in Hercules: nothing captures the machismo, misogyny, and sculpted men found in Homer and Herodotus quite like 300. Kings who shout about freedom while treating everyone around them like dirt? Check. Illogically breaking ranks in battle because it’s so much cooler than watching foot soldiers shove each other? Check. A wife who exists solely to make her husband look cooler (don’t worry Lena Headey, you’ll be Cersei soon…)? Check. Weird inhuman enemies from the east who also can’t fight worth a damn? Check. Wearing the bare minimum of clothing to get past social censors? Check, check, double-rows-of-abs check.

Want to learn more? Join the Classical Studies Program on Monday, April 24, 7:30 PM for a special big-screen showing of 300 at the KanKan Cinema and Brasserie in downtown Indy, sponsored by the IUPUI World Languages and Cultures Department. CLAS faculty Dr. Elizabeth Thill and Dr. Andy Findley will be hosting a pre-show discussion, and the KanKan Brassiere will be offering an Ancient Greece themed menu. So come to remember when Zack Snyder was considered innovative: stay for the display of Greek historical imagination. 

  • What: 300 on the big screen
  • When: Monday, April 24, 7:30 PM
  • Where: KanKan Cinema and Brasserie (1258 Windsor St Indianapolis IN)
  • How: Buy Tickets
  • What Else:
    • pre-show discussion by Classical Studies faculty Drs. Elizabeth Thill and Andy Findley
    • special Ancient Greece inspired menu at the Kan-Kan Brasserie