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Posted on November 5th, 2019 in Creative Writing, Writing Strategies by University Writing Center

Written by: Lindsay Rosa

This week we are lucky enough to share a post from a former writing consultant about how to create an inviting writing space conducive to end-of-semester writing!

As students are getting ready to leave campus for Thanksgiving Break, it’s a nice time to reflect and think about what they can do to prepare for their final projects and papers during the remainder of the semester. You might be thinking, what can I do that will make writing easier, less time-consuming, or less like doing chores and more like creating something worthwhile?

Making your writing workspace more comfortable and productive is a step in the right direction. This can help increase your productivity and improve your academic performance as you approach final deadlines and end-of-semester due dates.

The fact that academic writing can be quite enjoyable and even downright fun reveals that students can feel a sense of accomplishment when they complete their final writing projects. Achieving and experiencing these feelings can happen through small changes to your writing space and writing space habits, so that you can find more academic success and less stress in the weeks ahead. A few tips below will help you find end-of-semester writing bliss and academic achievement:

  • Fill your space with mementos or quotes that inspire you, like that framed picture of you on vacation with your bestie, or maybe a photo of your family dog. Things that fill you with comfort and joy definitely have an impact on your mood while you write, and can also help you find words when they are hard to come by during your next writing session.
  • Add a snack or coffee area. It’s difficult to concentrate when you’re hungry, so packing a protein snack, fresh fruit, hot cocoa, or having a coffee pot nearby can help you stay motivated when trying to knock out a challenging conclusion or sometimes tedious Works Cited page.
  • Add a blanket or lumbar cushion. Being physically comfortable when you write is important, so make sure your keyboard and chair are adjusted to the right height to avoid neck strain, back pain, or soreness in your hands.
  • If music helps you focus, by all means, make a playlist and play it often to stay motivated and happy while you write! Taking breaks to stretch and rest are also important to keep the good writing vibes going. Having that productive vibe as you write can help you write faster and create quality academic content.
  • Write with a friend! Bring other writers into your writing space. Writing doesn’t have to be a solo act, and it’s good to discuss your challenges and struggles with other writers. They can provide good insight about your writing strengths and weaknesses from a different perspective.

Happy writing this fall!