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Posted on April 2nd, 2019 in Writing Strategies by University Writing Center

Written by: Manasi P.

Being a college student is an experience wherein we struggle to balance so many things at once and develop so many aspects of our personality. Everyday is an adventure, and you never know what you will learn or who you will meet! 

It can be during this time that the university primes us to manage time more efficiently, so we understand how important habits are! Now I don’t speak for all of you, because I have met people who are amazing at balancing life and coursework and also promoting self-development.  

I acknowledge that I cannot give hard and fast rules to manage time efficiently because life is too fluid for that. But I am writing from personal experience and oh-so-many mistakes that will hopefully work as a guidepost when you think of developing habits and managing time efficiently. 

Developing two tasks as a part of my routine helped me: 

  1. Writing short paragraphs on what I am thinking a few times every day. 
  2. Downloading an app to track daily habits and time-management.

I have learned that when you are overwhelmed, an auh– mah-zing’ idea strikes you, or your mind is shooting so many thoughts at you, the best way to still remain productive is to write all those thoughts and auhmah-zing’ ideas down so your mind is more clear. 

Once you start writing your thoughts down, I have realized you become aware of what your priorities are and how you want to grow and what you want to implement in your life. 

And once you know that, you can download any habit tracking apps and only try developing three habits at your own pace. I know it’s easy to get super excited, but trust me, the magic number is three per month. And a useful tip will be to choose the most important three habits, because breaking habits can feel very difficult. 

The best habit-tracking apps (in my experience) are:  

  1. Done 
  2. Habitbull
  3. Strides

I hope you have an ‘auh-mah-zing’ time and gain as many experiences from your student life, all through managing time more efficiently and developing some new habits!