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Posted on April 30th, 2019 in Consultant Spotlight, Consulting, Language, Opportunity, Thematics, Tutoring, Writing Center Work, Writing Strategies by University Writing Center

Written by: Armon E.

As many writers know, writing can carry a lot of personal attachments—ranging from impactful or traumatic experiences to personal beliefs or strong emotions. It has the potential to embody our thoughts, emotions, and vulnerabilities all in one package. Sometimes this makes writing hard to share, especially when it might involve sharing what is written in an open space or among a group of individuals. Although this is the case, you shouldn’t be afraid to express yourself in your writing or be afraid to present it to others. Whether it’s written on paper or online, every writer needs a reader and every story needs a listener to be told. Whether it be a fun piece of fan-fiction or a more serious personal account, there is value in every piece of writing.  

Writing has a unique characteristic in creating different meanings for different people. It’s an ongoing conundrum that doesn’t discriminate yet can be used for discrimination. It’s a tool meant to craft but the craft is not defined or bounded by any form or limitation. It’s an empty void meant to be filled but also an open case that never requires closure. Simply put, writing is a manifestation of your perception and interpretation. It is powerful and accessible to all who seek it, having the ability to give authority to those who otherwise would not have it and the capability to influence and challenge our cognition and worldview.  However, it can also be the platform to turn to when in need of voicing our vulnerabilities and weakness. And outside of this, it can be an escape which can build worlds and tell stories beyond our imagination and conceptions of reality. 

Writing is as vast as outer space itself. Just like the stars that fill that space, each piece you write tells a unique and astonishing narrative that holds meaning. It embodies you: someone who is worth being heard, whose story is worth every word that accounts it.