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Posted on September 10th, 2019 in Opportunity, UWC Events by University Writing Center | Tags: , ,

Howdy, Jags! Now that we’re officially in the swing of a new semester, the Writing Center has some very fun and interesting events on the docket! Tomorrow, September 11th, we’ll be holding the second in our Graduate Writers’ Retreat workshop and Write-On-Site series. Here’s some quick info from the host of the event, Logan G.:

The Graduate Writers’ Retreat is designed to support graduate and professional students with their writing and program navigation. Each workshop runs for approximately 30 minutes with a new topic each week, and the remaining time is designated for a Write-On-Site. The Write-On-Site gives students time to write individually, collaborate with peers, or ask questions as needed. The Retreat is hosted every Wednesday in Cavanaugh Hall 427 from 4-6PM.

This week’s topic for the workshop portion of the Graduate Writers’ Retreat is Balancing Life In Grad School: Part 1. This workshop is designed to draw students’ attention to how they manage their time between the requirements of their program, home lives, writing, and other commitments. There will be a discussion of challenges, roadblocks, and strategies to maintain a healthy balance in one’s graduate career.

And here’s a lovely list of upcoming workshops with adjoining dates: