University Writing Center Blog

Posted on September 3rd, 2013 by Jennifer Mahoney

by Rachel Pfledderer, Student Consultant, University Writing Center

Welcome to the IUPUI University Writing Center (UWC) blog. The writing center is the place to go when a writer needs readers. Student and faculty consultants go above and beyond in helping students with assignments of all types. Consultants take the time to sit down and listen to what students have to say and will give feedback based on the conversation. The UWC is not a fix-it shop, meaning we do not proofread papers, but instead help students understand their own writing.

Writing center consultants provide writers with the knowledge they need to write papers. We are dedicated to what we do, and it is our goal to help writers become better writers. Please look throughout the UWC website for more useful information on what you need to know about the IUPUI writing center, and continue to read the weekly blog for tips and other information about the UWC and writing!