Department of Communication Studies

In Communication Studies, you will develop an understanding of human communication processes that will help you build communication competencies that will contribute to your personal and professional success. Communication has been recognized as a key competency for success in the workplace by the NCA.

In our globalized and increasingly digital world, learning to navigate computer-mediated communication and to communicate with people from diverse culture backgrounds are becoming increasingly important. With courses in interpersonal communication, conflict and communication, persuasion, human communication and the internet, health communication, nonverbal communication, women and leadership communication, intergroup dialogue, and public communications, Communication Studies offers a range of practical courses of value to majors or as a supplement to many other degrees.

Our mission is: As engaged citizens of a dynamic, urban university, we seek to cultivate a community of scholars, researchers, and creators who collaborate with local, state, national, and global communities to meet diverse and changing needs through the use of innovative, effective, and ethical communication.

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